Designed for conscious living.

Hand-sourced across Canada.

Fourth House is home to a diverse, size-inclusive selection of vintage and second-hand clothing. Sourced by hand to inspire others to express their individuality, our team offers continual support for bettering the planet and our society.

We search tirelessly to uncover quality, rare vintage finds across Canada while maintaining sustainability as one of our top priorities. Fourth House is ran by a team rooted in the belief that a modern take on consumerism furthers the health and total improvement of our planet. 

Our story so far

Fourth House was founded on the principles of a conscious lifestyle that begins with what you wear. Since then, we have set out to develop a gender-inclusive online vintage shop where people from all walks of life can choose from sustainable designs that allow them to showcase their style and individuality.

Fourth House welcomes you to our expansive range of quality pieces.